Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Isometric tile engine

I have finally started following my long neglected dream: making games.

My passion is for RPG type of games. Even if I like a lot games like Oblivion and Gothic, I am also aware that a single person or even a small team of developers have a low chance to create something like that in a reasonable amount of time.

But I also love games like Fallout and Arcanum and I believe these kind of games are a bit easier to do, so I have decided to start with learning how create isometric games.

Focus on SDL and Isometric Game Programming with DirectX 7.0 were invaluable in helping me to get started from somewhere. It is not very much, but I can already use the code to display a simple isometric map, pan over it and select the locations with the cursor. Cool :)

The trees are from Reiner's site. Thanks Reiner :)

I have started the isohexengine project on Google Code site and posted a snapshot of the code there.

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