Saturday, March 31, 2007

debian packages for mockpp

As promised, I have made the packages for mockpp available. They are hosted on Google Code, too. I have uploaded both the binary (the .deb files) and the source files (the .dsc, .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz).

I have also applied for a new project on sourceforge to host isohexengine. Google code was nice for a fast start, but it is quite limited, when compared to sourceforge.

Once the project is approved, I'll move all the code there.

Friday, March 30, 2007

mockpp: mock objects for c++

While working on the Renderer class and making my unit-tests, I have realized that it would much easier to test it with the help of a Mock class. Searching wikipedia and the net took me to the Mock Objects for C++. To my disappointment, it is not yet in Debian, so I had to make my own packages for it. I'll try to post them here, as somebody else might find them useful.

This morning I've found another guy that posted his own mockpp deb package. If you are too impatient and don't want to wait for my packages, fill free to use those :)

We should probably unite our forces and submit the package to Debian, to be properly incorporated in the distro.

Monday, March 26, 2007

fbcon and indexed images

No code snapshot today, as this weekend was not as productive as the past one. Still, I've been able to manage a couple of things.

The coolest one was my discovery that my code can run in the console. I haven't expect that. I knew SDL is cross-platform and this is why I've decided using it, but I haven't been aware I can run SDL apps from the console, without any change at all. After some fiddling with the udev so that I could use the mouse as a normal user, I am now able to run my sample apps from X or from the console. DirectFB doesn't work that great, but fbcon is alright. I will have to try it on my desktop when I have the chance, to see both the performance under X and on the console.

Another good thing that I was able to do was making my TileSet class work with any color depth, including with indexed palettes. This was one thing I haven't done properly from the start and it was nagging me.

I've also started working on the Renderer class. Hopefully, it will be ready by week's end. I was a bit afraid of this, but after changing the Scroller class a bit and thinking a bit more before starting to code, the piece started to fall in their places :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

a gui for my isohex engine

I was thinking to make a level editor. This will definitely need some sort of GUI, but working on the iso engine poses already enough challenges to me and I think that making a GUI framework from ground-up is not worth it, if there are better options available.

After wasting most of the last Saturday trying to make SDL render into a GTK widget, I realized that that was not the way I should go. Even though I've managed to get something working in the end, I now think it is better to have the GUI inside SDL, not outside it, as a GTK solution would do it.

Some queries with apt-cache returned guichan and paragui as the possible candidates for what I had in mind. Of the two, guichan looks to be only one that is still actively developed, so I will probably end up using it.


Another week-end, another piece of code. I am now wadding through chapter 17: the clipping is done and I'm preparing to start wrestling with the renderer. It should limit even further the blittings, thus increasing the fps. According to the author, this is the most complicated piece of code from the whole book.

You can also see my lousy FPS counter in action. The FPS are quite low, but everything is done using only software rendering on my old Amilo laptop, so I find it acceptable, for now. Hopefully, those numbers will increase, at least till I start adding the AI ;)

The code, as always, is on google code.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

plot only visible tiles

I have uploaded a new snapshot of the code. No pictures this time.

The new code allows you to limit the tiles that are plotted on the screen. The algorithm is not overly optimized yet, but the resulting code is easy to use. It allows you to plot only what's visible on the screen. You can also specify an additional 'border', so that you don't have object magically pop-in or pop-out when you scroll.

I have also a hard time comparing the current performance with what I had before, as I currently use my old laptop for development. The performances are not great at this time (only 10-12 FPS on my laptop, according to my home-made FPS counter), but this will hopefully change in the future.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

some old photos

Last week I have finally managed to print some of my old photos. Some of them were pretty nice, so I've decided to share them :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

hexagonal maps

After some struggle with my own mistakes, I have managed to implement also the hexagonal maps. And the changes were unexpectedly few!

As always, check google code for the latest snapshot.

isometric slide map

isometric staggered map

isometric diamond map

hexagonal slide map

hexagonal staggered map

hexagonal diamond map

Friday, March 02, 2007


Uploaded a new snapshot of the IsoHex Engine. This one should have all the graphics that I've used to make those screenshots. It should also contain all the default bitmaps used by the various test programs.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

red knight has arrived

Added a small red knight. Thought it looks better than the old cursor :)