Monday, March 26, 2007

fbcon and indexed images

No code snapshot today, as this weekend was not as productive as the past one. Still, I've been able to manage a couple of things.

The coolest one was my discovery that my code can run in the console. I haven't expect that. I knew SDL is cross-platform and this is why I've decided using it, but I haven't been aware I can run SDL apps from the console, without any change at all. After some fiddling with the udev so that I could use the mouse as a normal user, I am now able to run my sample apps from X or from the console. DirectFB doesn't work that great, but fbcon is alright. I will have to try it on my desktop when I have the chance, to see both the performance under X and on the console.

Another good thing that I was able to do was making my TileSet class work with any color depth, including with indexed palettes. This was one thing I haven't done properly from the start and it was nagging me.

I've also started working on the Renderer class. Hopefully, it will be ready by week's end. I was a bit afraid of this, but after changing the Scroller class a bit and thinking a bit more before starting to code, the piece started to fall in their places :)

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