Monday, April 30, 2007

new isohexengine upload

After a lot of delay, a new isohexengine has finally arrived.

The code was extensively refactored, but little extra new functionality was added. To my shame, the smart renderer is still not finished and most of the refactoring consisted in code reorganizing, writing a code conventions and trying to adhere to it and some API changes that I hope simplifies the code you have to write to make apps using isohexengine (like the code from src/examples).

Here are some new screenshots. I've changed a bit the src/examples/trees so that it can display what should be plotted, if not clipped by the output window. To hide or show this, simply press the d key.

The grass and the trees use different screen iterators:
  • the grass uses a default iterator, as one grass tile does not overlap over the neighboring ones
  • the trees use an extended iterator, that extends a bit to the left, right and bottom of the output window; this was done so that trees don't pop up unexpectedly in the output window

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

rediscovering asciidoc

Good to look over your old junk stuff, from time to time ;)

While trying to free some more space on my laptop, I have came upon some older docs I have written an year or two ago, when I was looking for tools to help in my own private development.

One of those was asciidoc, a nice system that can create PDF, HTML and XML from a wiki like TXT file.

When I get into another procrastination mood, I'll probably move isohexengine to using asciidoc instead of LyX. Lyx is nice, but asciidoc is even better for what I need and it is soo easy to automate it.

isohex status

I've been busy lately with refactoring the code.

After finishing the first version of the code conventions (everybody has one, so why isohexengine having one, right?), I've started applying it to the code. This required rewriting most of the code and, even though most of this was mostly moving the code around, creating new namespaces, reindenting and renaming data members, it still got more than I have expected.

But the changes are almost done, so I will be soon able to concentrate on new things again. And the code looks a bit better and has a bit more doxygen comments.

Expect a new isohexengine in a week or so :)

removing isohex from Google Code

The inevitable is happening: as the project is hosted on SourceForge now, I've decided to remove the old code repository from Google Code.

I'll not reupload older versions of isohexengine to SourceForge. What would be the point, anyway, as the latest version is already on SourceForge?

Saturday, April 07, 2007

isohexengine hosted on sourceforge

I've finally got the approval for isohexengine on sourceforge and I've already started moving the files from GoogleCode to SourceForge.

As there is not much point in making a web site for isohex at this moment, I'll continue posting the news and screenshots here.

Monday, April 02, 2007

code conventions

Looks like I try every excuse not to do the renderer :) Now I've started writing a code convention document for the isohex engine.

In the sparse time I've got between searching for a nice editing tool (I'll probably settle for Lyx) and reading the The Heritage of Shannara, I was able to start understanding how mockpp works and how I can use it. The problem is that I've also discovered that I want to do some refactoring on the existing classes and this will delay things even more...