Monday, April 30, 2007

new isohexengine upload

After a lot of delay, a new isohexengine has finally arrived.

The code was extensively refactored, but little extra new functionality was added. To my shame, the smart renderer is still not finished and most of the refactoring consisted in code reorganizing, writing a code conventions and trying to adhere to it and some API changes that I hope simplifies the code you have to write to make apps using isohexengine (like the code from src/examples).

Here are some new screenshots. I've changed a bit the src/examples/trees so that it can display what should be plotted, if not clipped by the output window. To hide or show this, simply press the d key.

The grass and the trees use different screen iterators:
  • the grass uses a default iterator, as one grass tile does not overlap over the neighboring ones
  • the trees use an extended iterator, that extends a bit to the left, right and bottom of the output window; this was done so that trees don't pop up unexpectedly in the output window

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