Saturday, June 07, 2008

new tool of choice: git

With a new PC in house, SVN started to show its limits: I wanted to have a source control system that allows me to work from any of my PC's, with minimum of hassle. SVN is fine if I would have one computer that is always on, but I don't. My old PC makes a lot of noise and heat and would prefer to keep it off as much as possible. My tablet is my current development box, but I don't want to keep a central repo there, either, as I would be forced to have the tablet on if I want to some developement on my desktop.

So, after some search on google and some time spent on wikipedia and on youtube, I've decided to adopt a new source control system: git. The Windows support is not the best, but it works fine from the command line.

Now I have a "central" repo on my desktop and a clone on the laptop. The "central" repo is more like a backup repo for the laptop. Sweet :-)

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