Wednesday, January 28, 2009

boycott seagate, ep. 2

What's very sad (but also enraging) is that for Seagate's employees all the trouble they have caused is simply a job, but for the unlucky Seagate customer with failed drives it can be a nightmare.

I have lost a lot a nights trying to find a way to recover my data, vented my frustration on my girlfriend, ruined my Christmas, etc. I might even have to pay some sensible amounts of money if I want to recover my data (and I dearly do that).

But what Seagate does?

They first denied there was a problem. Then they released a firmware that bricked in certain conditions a drive that was still working. They still deny the problem is a real and widespread one (on the other hand, some data recovery specialist consider that these drives have a 30% failure chance).

They offer to flash the firmware, but only in USA. What about the rest of the world?

After almost 2 weeks I have yet to receive some answer to the trouble ticket I have logged on Seagate site. I have emailed yesterday Seagate EMEA and I am curious how long will it take (if ever) for them to respond.

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