Friday, January 16, 2009

qt4.5 to be released as lgpl! yay!

As you already know from other better news places, QT4.5 will be released under LGPL 2.1 (scheduled to be released in March 2009).

Last year, when I was pondering if I should use QT or GTKmm, I sent an e-mail to QT and asked how much a commercial license costs. The reply put me off (the commercial license costs around 4K EUR/year) and for some time I didn't know what to do: use QT4 and release my code under GPL3 or go with GTKmm.

Spending some time with both QT4 and GTKmm made me decide go with QT4 (mostly because of the docs, but also because QT apparently has all the widgets that I need and, from what I understand, can integrate nicely OpenGL into a QT app), even though I wasn't completely happy with being forced to use GPL3 (I like GPL3, but I didn't like being forced to choose my license).

So you can't imagine my joy when I've read that QT4.5 will be released under LGPL. Now I can use QT and decide on my own on what license to use. For my projects, it will probably be Affero :-D

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