Thursday, March 26, 2009

boycott seagate, ep. 3

This is a bit overdue (it happened on February 25, 2009), but I wanted to let anybody interested that I've been able to return the 1.5T Seagate drive to MediaDot and recover my money.

It wasn't as easy as I hoped.

I've started by sending an e-mail to MediaDot, explaining that I want to return the HDD because its performance is sub-par and I no longer trust the safety of my data. I've got a fast reply stating that I'll get the money on the spot, when I return the drive. The e-mail looked too good to be true, so I've asked for a confirmation. Instead of a confirmation, I've got the same e-mail. Asking again for a confirmation, I've got the same e-mail a third time.

Despite all the uncertainty given by those e-mails, I've decided to go to the shop nevertheless and try my luck. But before anything else, I've whiped the whole HDD (unfortunately, I forgot what I've used... it might have been shred or sfill, but who knows...).

On February 2, 2009 I was at the MediaDot. The counter lady told me that the e-mail was just a standard reply, but I was already expecting something like that. After some parleys, I've left the HDD for RMA, but I had to give some reasons for that. There were plenty, so I've given the main ones:
  • HDD not working in RAID
  • data gets corrupted on the HDD
I would have added that I no longer trust Seagate, but I guess this is not considered a valid reason. It should be :-(

After 2 weeks, I've got a phone from MediaDot stating that the HDD can't be repaired or replaced, because the Seagate dealer no longer have my model on stock. Lucky me. I was asked if I want to buy something else, but I told them I want my money back. It was Thursday and the guy from the phone said it can't make the paper till Friday, so I'll get a phone during next Monday. He told me to wait for the phone, so that I don't come to MediaDot to discover the return papers are not ready.

Monday passed and so did Tuesday. Wednesday I could wait no longer and phoned MediaDot myself. They told me that I can come to MediaDot the next Monday. I've told you, it wasn't eays...

Finally, the next Monday came and I arrived at MediaDot. As expected, the money and papers were not ready. I've had to wait another 20 minutes for somebody to bring the money from another building, because they didn't want to give me the money from the cash register. Go figure.

To conclude, on February 25, 2009 I had finally managed to get rid of the 1.5T Seagate drive and recover my money, after more than 3 weeks from the day I've returned the drive for RMA. But it was worth it and I own now one Seagate less.

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  1. arghhhh, you poor man, I just bought a new HDD, a WD. ;-)