Wednesday, May 27, 2009

romanian goverment pays 450+ mil Eur for proprietary software, instead of creating 5000 IT

our government has decided to pay micro$oft and friends more than 450 mil EUR, for windows licenses and new hardware needed to run it (probably).

what nobody has noticed so far, is that these money could have been used to create more than 5000 local it jobs for 3 years (the duration of the contract with m$).

the math is quite simple:

450 mil eur / 3 years / 12 months / 2500 eur/month = 5000 jobs

and i'm talking of well paid jobs for a romanian it programmer.

5000 jobs for 3 years is quite a big it task force. the government could have opted for a far smaller task force and save the rest. use the savings to something really useful. after all, the world is in the middle of a financial crisis.

but what am i expecting?

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