Friday, September 04, 2009


Ok, another boycott post. What can I say - I like complaining.

This time my target is

A couple of days ago I wanted to buy a Samsung 2343bw monitor. After some search on the net, I've decided to buy it from Big mistake.

The shop asked for my address and told me they'll deliver the monitor after 18:30. Around 20, I get a phone call that the courier can't deliver the monitor any longer, but I will get a phone call the next day. The next day (today), I get a new phone call around 11 that they can't deliver at all the monitor after 18:30 at my address. They will deliver the monitor at another address or I can come and pick it myself. Unsatisfied by any of the options, as I don't fancy myself walking with a bulky monitor in the Metro, I decided to cancel the buy entirely.

To warn others, I then tried to post a comment on the web site. Apparently the comments are moderated or something as my two attempts were fruitless. Or was it because my comment was not flattering enough? Who knows.

Anyway, the attitude from makes me believe that the economic crisis has somehow steered clear of Romania - there is still not enough competition to make the local sellers treat decent their customers and they probably still consider they are doing us a big service by their mere existance, that they can survive by not adapting to their customers' needs and that we should accept any conditions they try to force on us.

To conclude, check on or some similar site for good deals and stay clear of

Mud Volcanoes, Întorsura Buzăului and Siriu Mountain

We've spend the last weekend at Întorsura Buzăului, together with Mirela and Marius.

Because of the late booking, we were able to find a room only at Roxana Pension. It's not a bad place, thought, I would recommend 2 double rooms against an apartment if you plan to go in 4. The apartment has 4 beds, but the rooms are not well balanced - one is very big and the other is very small, by comparison. The apartment also has a jacuzzi, but if you take a shower the bathroom will fill with water - I would have preferred a nice shower cabin to the jacuzzi, but this is my personal taste.

From Întorsura Buzăului

On the way to Întorsura, we visited the Mud Vulcanoes from Pâcleme Mari, near Buzău and the Siriu Dam.

From Vulcanii Noroioși (Buzău Mud Volcanoes)

From Barajul Siriu (Siriu Dam)

Întorsura being relatively close to the Siriu Mountain, we managed to make a short trip to the Lacul Vulturilor (Eagles's Lake), too. We had to circle the Siriu Dam Lake and take a forest road for 1 hour. After that we continued by foot. The path through the woods was quite steep and taxing in the end, but the view from the lake was worth the effort :)

All in all, a nice spent week-end :D

From Munții Siriu (Siriu Mountains)

backlog - Tărlungeni

Another backlog - Tărlungeni, with Cristina, Elena and Răzvan. This was during 1-4 May 2009. Just a short escapade from Bucharest, to Tărlungeni, near Brașov. With a trip to Ciucaș Mountains.

From Tărlungeni, Ciucaș, Brașov

Thursday, September 03, 2009

backlog - floss camp @ curmatura stezii

During 14-16 August me and Cristina have attended the FLOSS Camp 2009 from Curmătura Ștezii, near Sibiu. It was an informal meeting with other FLOSS people from all over the country.

Here are some pictures taken by the organizers at the tent camp.

Drawing the line, it was a nice experience:

  • I've met new FLOSS users
  • we've played a lot of Dominion
  • we've visited Sibiu
  • my first drive into that part of the country - I'm a lousy driver, so this counts as a big achievement :)