Friday, September 04, 2009

Mud Volcanoes, Întorsura Buzăului and Siriu Mountain

We've spend the last weekend at Întorsura Buzăului, together with Mirela and Marius.

Because of the late booking, we were able to find a room only at Roxana Pension. It's not a bad place, thought, I would recommend 2 double rooms against an apartment if you plan to go in 4. The apartment has 4 beds, but the rooms are not well balanced - one is very big and the other is very small, by comparison. The apartment also has a jacuzzi, but if you take a shower the bathroom will fill with water - I would have preferred a nice shower cabin to the jacuzzi, but this is my personal taste.

From Întorsura Buzăului

On the way to Întorsura, we visited the Mud Vulcanoes from Pâcleme Mari, near Buzău and the Siriu Dam.

From Vulcanii Noroioși (Buzău Mud Volcanoes)

From Barajul Siriu (Siriu Dam)

Întorsura being relatively close to the Siriu Mountain, we managed to make a short trip to the Lacul Vulturilor (Eagles's Lake), too. We had to circle the Siriu Dam Lake and take a forest road for 1 hour. After that we continued by foot. The path through the woods was quite steep and taxing in the end, but the view from the lake was worth the effort :)

All in all, a nice spent week-end :D

From Munții Siriu (Siriu Mountains)

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