Sunday, September 26, 2010

in antibes

After almost 2 weeks on the road, we are now in antibes. I've started to upload the pictures on picasa. In time I'll try to upload some stuff to youtube, but for now the pictures should suffice :-)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

n900 has arrived

Forgot to blog about this, but my N900 that I have won has arrived a couple of weeks ago.

My impressions about it are mixed - I wouldn't recommend the phone to an normal user, but I am happy I have it.

Strange, isn't it?

I dislike it because it feels unpolished (the same goes for many of the apps I have found for it till now), as not everything works out of the box or is finely integrated.

On the other hand, I love it for the potential it has and I hardly wait to settle after moving to my next job in France and start hacking it.

Now I have my own embedded GNU/Linux in my pocket, that I can program in whatever programming language I want, be it C, C++, Python, with GTK+, QT4 or QML, and that I don't have to jailbreak. Probably even install MeeGo and Android on it.



From now on I will kindly ask you to call me "Your Excellency!". This is because I have been approved as an Qt4 ambassador :-)

So, as a good ambassador, I kindly invite you to visit Qt4 site and learn more about it if you haven't done that already.

Friday, July 23, 2010

leaving romania

After a lot of thinking, last month I have came to the conclusion that I have to leave Romania.

The things started to deteriorate for me immediately after the presidential elections from 2009 - the fact that more than 50% of the population voted with Basescu made me sick and forlorn for a couple of weeks. I would have never expected to see so many blind or simple minded (politically speaking) people. Of course, this is not only due to Basescu and PDL's complete demagogic speeches - no, it is also due to the total incapacity to present some believable alternatives from PNL, PSD or anybody else.

Right now, the country is on the edge of the deep gorge and all I can see on the horizon is only worse. We are just starting to fall and gain speed while doing it :-(

So what can it be done?

Sadly, with what I can see now on TV and in the press, for me the only solution is only run and run fast. Maybe return every 5 or 10 years and check how the situation changed.

In 1990, Silviu Brucan (a Romanian communist politician) forecasted that Romania needs 20 years to become accustomed to democracy. At that time I have bitched him a lot for this, but now I think he might have been way to optimist. Or it might be that we are now accustomed to democracy, but we are still lacking a lot of political culture other westerner countries have - whatever it might be, the current political situation here stinks.

And what have I done?
  1. I have terminated my contract with ENEA Romania
  2. Updated my CV on monster, cwjobs and my profile on linked-in
  3. Aggressively send CV whenever something interesting appeared

My target were UK (because of the language) and the Nordic countries (bigger salary, lots of QT4 jobs). Unfortunately, it appears this time of the year is a bad period to look for jobs, as answers came very slow.

The plan was that, even if I can't find immediately a job, just go around Europe, live a month or two in the countries that I was targeting and look at the source for a job while also doing some sight-seeing.

In the end, the opportunity came from a place that was not on my priority list: France. All that remains right now is to sign the final papers and start the job in September.

Monday, June 28, 2010

shinny n900 on the way

This was quite unexpected and I hardly believed it until today, but I have won a shiny n900, as stated by an e-mail I have received 1 week ago:

Congratulations! You are one of the lucky Qt User Survey raffle winners!
Please be so kind to reply to this mail with your full mailing address to receive your shiny N900 phone in your mailbox.

For some time I was afraid it was just a scam, even though I had participated in that survey and the email's sender looked legit. Today I know for sure - I am indeed one of the 50 lucky winner.

Thank you Nokia! :-D

Thursday, April 22, 2010

dedicated blog for ibocator

after some thought, i have decided to create a dedicated blog for ibocator (aka elocator) using the tools provided by sourceforge. please subscribe to that blog if you want to get the latest news about the project.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

elocator-0.2 is out

Things are going really fast - elocator-0.2 is already out. This new release brings search to the table. You can search items using simple text or regular expressions, limit search to files, folders or both, search using the full path or use sensitive case search (by default, search is case insensitive).

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've just released elocator-0.1 on SourceForge. The locator should be able to:

  • scan a dir
  • determine the label and type of the media containing the dir
  • support media organizing into subfolders
  • media can be drag'n'dropped around
  • save and load catalogs
Release 0.2 should bring searching based on file's name, while release 0.3 should bring user text info and importing CdCat catalogs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm still upset by my revelation about GPL and AGPL and I still believe that more than 90% of people using these licenses really don't understand that somebody can abuse them.

Nevertheless, I'm not for license proliferation and I understand that a new license would simply confuse people. Even though I was thinking on creating something like IPLv3 or something like the VIM license, I've decided to go with something that I was very happy till recently: the AGPLv3.

Now to the real stuff: elocator.

elocator is my latest creation. It is written in C++ and uses QT4 for the most of the fun stuff, but also a bit of GIO from GLIB (until I find a way to get the info provided by GIO using DBUS or the QT4 api).

It started from my frustration with the current CD/DVD archiving tools on Linux. I've been using for some time CdCat, but development on CdCat was stopped quite a long time ago and its limitations are starting to annoy me too much (for example, recently CdCat started reporting DVDs as CDs and is no longer able to get their labels). I've also looked for some alternative to CdCat but found none acceptable (there were some similar programs written in C#, but I don't want to get bad karma by using Mono, so I've stayed away from them :-D ).

I've also started relearning QT4 around 4 months ago and needed something to sharpen my QT4 skills with.

As stated on elocator's page, the program is quite in its early stages. With the current snapshot you should be able to scan a media and save it into a catalog. No search yet. But the labels and media are reported correctly. You can also reorganize the catalog by creating folders and by drag'n'drop (other missing features of CdCat that annoyed me a lot).

elocator was developed and tested only on Ubuntu 9.10.

Friday, March 05, 2010

iplv3 is free software

Before my previous two posts about GPLv3, I have put the same questions to FSF and on a Romanian mailing list where many Romanians discuss such issues. While I still wait for an answer from FSF, some of my fellow Romanians were quick to accuse me:
  • that what I want is shareware or freeware, but not free software
  • that I sound like a communist
  • that what I want is immoral and not sustainable
  • after checking The Free Software Definition I fail to see why IPLv3 wouldn't be a free license
  • calling me names is irrelevant to the issue at hand
  • I fail to see why what I want is immoral
  • I am not interested here in susteinability

A friend (the one that brought all this to my attention) also mentioned that, if I forbid somebody to sell my software, I might be accused of trying to infringe some rights or break some law.

IPLv3 doesn't forbid you to sell my software or its modifications. It simply forces you to distribute the modified sources under IPLv3 to anybody that asks for this, not only to those that buy the software from you. This is the only difference from IPLv3 and AGPLv3 (if the wording of IPLv3 makes you think something else, it is a bad wording, not my intention - I'm a physicist/software developer, after all, not a lawyer - and please let me know so that I can correct it).

I really don't understand why GPLv3 a/o AGPLv3 are not requiring this.

If there is a legal reason to avoid this, it should be clearly stated as a necessary evil and the FSF should explain why they had to do it.

ionutz public license v3

As stated in a previous post, I am deeply troubled by my new understanding of GPL and AGPL licenses.

Because I am not sure Creative Commons is what I really need, I have taken AGPLv3 and modified it to address my concerns. The results is the IPLv3 (from IONUTZ Public License). Stupid name, isn't it? It is version 3 only because it is taken from AGPLv3. I have sent it to FSF for comments, but I don't expect any answer soon, if any (useful). The formating of the IPLv3 was kept to a minimum in order to simplify diff-ing against AGPLv3.

Am I overreacting on the Montavista issue? I don't know. Maybe...

PS: If you have a better name for this, please make your proposal. My goal in all this is not to have a license named after me :-)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

bitter epiphany about gpl

This week I had a bitter epiphany about GPL - it is not what I have believed it to be for 12 years and it doesn't protect my work from company M. that can take it, change it a little and sell it without distributing to everybody the changes.

It would have been ok if GPL forced company M. to distribute those changes to everybody.

Unfortunately, GPL doesn't do this. On the contrary:
  • if company M. chooses to distribute the modified code as source, nothing from section 5 of GPLv3 forces it to distribute the code to anybody else but those who pay for the code. 
  • if company M. chooses to distribute the modified code as binary, they can do so under the terms of 6a from GPLv3. Company M. doesn't have to give the changes to anybody else, because article 6 allows company M. to choose any of the available options.
An example of such a company is Montavista Linux. They have taken the Linux kernel and the GCC and modified it. They distribute the changed binaries only to those that buy Montavista Linux from them. Of course, they also distribute the modified sources to their customers.

When a friend of mine, a third-party, requested the modified sources, their reply was "show me your Montavista license and how did you obtain it".
    Some might say that all this is a false problem. That anybody that buys the sources from Montavista can distribute later the modified sources, without breaking any license agreement or law. That is true, but impractical because:
    • it would require somebody to buy a Montavista product every time they make a new release
    • Montavista could decide that, because you've posted the code in the past, your next license should be much more expencive
    • they might simply decide they don't want to sell to you once you've posted their changes
    I would be more than happy to be in the wrong regarding GPLv3 or Montavista.

    But until somebody can convince me of this, I will stop using GPLv3 and look for something else.

    My software is neither the Linux kernel, nor the GCC. They are small programs that I do in my spare time and that I want to share with other people. And I don't want to have some shameless company profit of my work.

    For the moment, the closest thing to what I want is Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike. I have seen in many places, including on CC and FSF sites, that the above license should not be used for licensing software.

    But what other choice do I have?

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    my anime top list

    apparently this is my anime hour, so, for anime lovers that might stumble on this blog, here is a list of movies and tv series i've watched and liked and that you might also find entertaining.

    tv series

    dennō coil: wiki, anime news network
    trigun: wiki, anime news network
    yuyu hakusho: wiki, anime news network


    howl's moving castle: wiki, anime news network
    nausicaä of the valley of the wind: wiki, anime news network
    castle in the sky: wiki, anime news network
    spirited away: wiki, anime news network
    ponyo: wiki, anime news network
    ninja scroll: wiki, anime news network

    as you can see, i'm kind of a fan of studio gibli. there are probably more anime movies that i liked, but this is what i was able to remember in 15 minutes (thus we can say they are the ones i've liked most).

    if you watched and liked some anime tv serie or movie, please comment about it bellow.

    Friday, February 26, 2010

    demonbane ... pass

    i've tried to watch another anime series - this time, daemonbane. after 1 episode and 5 minutes from the second, i've decided to move on and spend my time better.

    the animation was overly cgi (poor cgi), an avalanche of senseless references to lovecraft, stupid dialogs and jokes. the series might appeal to fifth' graders, but i will simply pass.

    next ... :-)

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    dennou coil

    due to some back problems, i've stayed this week home, mostly in bed, in order to get some pain relief. as reading has it's limit, i spent most of the time watching dennō coil, a japanese anime. it was excellent and i heartedly recommend it :-)

    more info: