Sunday, March 21, 2010


I'm still upset by my revelation about GPL and AGPL and I still believe that more than 90% of people using these licenses really don't understand that somebody can abuse them.

Nevertheless, I'm not for license proliferation and I understand that a new license would simply confuse people. Even though I was thinking on creating something like IPLv3 or something like the VIM license, I've decided to go with something that I was very happy till recently: the AGPLv3.

Now to the real stuff: elocator.

elocator is my latest creation. It is written in C++ and uses QT4 for the most of the fun stuff, but also a bit of GIO from GLIB (until I find a way to get the info provided by GIO using DBUS or the QT4 api).

It started from my frustration with the current CD/DVD archiving tools on Linux. I've been using for some time CdCat, but development on CdCat was stopped quite a long time ago and its limitations are starting to annoy me too much (for example, recently CdCat started reporting DVDs as CDs and is no longer able to get their labels). I've also looked for some alternative to CdCat but found none acceptable (there were some similar programs written in C#, but I don't want to get bad karma by using Mono, so I've stayed away from them :-D ).

I've also started relearning QT4 around 4 months ago and needed something to sharpen my QT4 skills with.

As stated on elocator's page, the program is quite in its early stages. With the current snapshot you should be able to scan a media and save it into a catalog. No search yet. But the labels and media are reported correctly. You can also reorganize the catalog by creating folders and by drag'n'drop (other missing features of CdCat that annoyed me a lot).

elocator was developed and tested only on Ubuntu 9.10.

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