Friday, March 05, 2010

ionutz public license v3

As stated in a previous post, I am deeply troubled by my new understanding of GPL and AGPL licenses.

Because I am not sure Creative Commons is what I really need, I have taken AGPLv3 and modified it to address my concerns. The results is the IPLv3 (from IONUTZ Public License). Stupid name, isn't it? It is version 3 only because it is taken from AGPLv3. I have sent it to FSF for comments, but I don't expect any answer soon, if any (useful). The formating of the IPLv3 was kept to a minimum in order to simplify diff-ing against AGPLv3.

Am I overreacting on the Montavista issue? I don't know. Maybe...

PS: If you have a better name for this, please make your proposal. My goal in all this is not to have a license named after me :-)

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