Friday, July 23, 2010

leaving romania

After a lot of thinking, last month I have came to the conclusion that I have to leave Romania.

The things started to deteriorate for me immediately after the presidential elections from 2009 - the fact that more than 50% of the population voted with Basescu made me sick and forlorn for a couple of weeks. I would have never expected to see so many blind or simple minded (politically speaking) people. Of course, this is not only due to Basescu and PDL's complete demagogic speeches - no, it is also due to the total incapacity to present some believable alternatives from PNL, PSD or anybody else.

Right now, the country is on the edge of the deep gorge and all I can see on the horizon is only worse. We are just starting to fall and gain speed while doing it :-(

So what can it be done?

Sadly, with what I can see now on TV and in the press, for me the only solution is only run and run fast. Maybe return every 5 or 10 years and check how the situation changed.

In 1990, Silviu Brucan (a Romanian communist politician) forecasted that Romania needs 20 years to become accustomed to democracy. At that time I have bitched him a lot for this, but now I think he might have been way to optimist. Or it might be that we are now accustomed to democracy, but we are still lacking a lot of political culture other westerner countries have - whatever it might be, the current political situation here stinks.

And what have I done?
  1. I have terminated my contract with ENEA Romania
  2. Updated my CV on monster, cwjobs and my profile on linked-in
  3. Aggressively send CV whenever something interesting appeared

My target were UK (because of the language) and the Nordic countries (bigger salary, lots of QT4 jobs). Unfortunately, it appears this time of the year is a bad period to look for jobs, as answers came very slow.

The plan was that, even if I can't find immediately a job, just go around Europe, live a month or two in the countries that I was targeting and look at the source for a job while also doing some sight-seeing.

In the end, the opportunity came from a place that was not on my priority list: France. All that remains right now is to sign the final papers and start the job in September.

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