Monday, March 14, 2011

help japan

in case you didn't know already, if you want to help japan in these dire times, you can make a donation via american red cross or via paypall. just to name a few.


  1. Hi Johnny,

    This is Yumi from Japan.
    My family are fine. (my dog yuuta died on Feb he was 15years old by aging and sickness.)

    Nami became 4th grade of university.(21years old)
    she got an official job offer lately from Tokyo's company then she move to Tokyo a year, she will be SE like a you.

    It was terrible, so huge. When the earthquake hit Japan, Nami had an employment exam of company in Tokyo but she got back to Sapporo after 3 days of the disaster of an earthquake.

    The worst devastated area was Tohoku (it's northern part of Japan.) and it is terrible even now, because problem for nuclear power stations and a lot of after quakes in those area.

    Sapporo is quite safe but foreign tourists are decreasing even here.

    Why don't you have FACE BOOK?


  2. Hi Yumi,

    I don't have a Facebook account because I hate their privacy policy.

    I am glad to hear you and your family are safe. Please send my regards to Nami and your parents.

    Me and Cristina are now in Helsinki, but I'll be back in Romania in June, probably.

    You can find some of my pictures at

    If you want, you can mail me directly at < iborco @ gmail . com > (remove the spaces).