Sunday, March 13, 2011

simplexbmcremote 0.8.1

after a lot of struggles to get it packaged and uploaded to the maemo's garage, my simple xmbc remote is finally in the extras-devel.

the remote is not very fancy, but it allows me to do what i need:

  • navigate through my movies collection,
  • select a movie, 
  • start/pause/it,
  • jump forward and backward in the movie,
  • control the audio volume,
  • change the language and subtitle.
to use it effectively, you will have to enable remote control in the xbmc networking. you'll also have to set the correct ip and port in the simple xbmc remote via its setup dialog.

the application does not start the xbmc, so you must have it already started or you'll get an error message.

you can rate it at the code is available in the garage.

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