Saturday, April 30, 2011

simplexbmcremote 0.11.0

after a lot of hard work, i declare the simple xbmc remote mostly finished.

release 0.11.0 can be considered a RC, as i've implemented all the features i wanted.

i don't plan new features in the near future and, if there are no major issues reported, i'll rename it into 1.0.0.

changes in 0.11.0:
  • added configuration for fullscreen startup
  • enable the custom screen saver via the main menu
  • added button to restore default settings in the setup dialog

changes in 0.10.0:
  • use the event server api to solve freeze problems in the context menu (port must be changed to 9777)
  • cleaned up the code

Monday, April 25, 2011

simple qt: detect when the current window becomes active

for my simple xbmc remote, i wanted to be notified somehow when the main window loses or gains the focus and the custom screen saver is active, so that i can deactivate it while the app is not in focus.

without this, you could get your screen dimmed or locked by the simple xbmc remote, even though you were actually doing something completely different and the app was somewhere in the background.

my first approach was to create a timer and interrogate periodically the main window if it is still the active one (via QWidget::isActiveWindow). not very elegant.

a nicer approach is to connect to the QApplication::focusChanged signal.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

simplexbmcremote 0.9.1

just after releasing the 0.9.0 i've discovered that the lock timeout value was not saved correctly. so here you have the 0.9.1.

also, i've just discovered that the navigation no longer works in the context menu (as some reported, but never been able to reproduce on my box before).

the 0.9.1 is now in the extras-devel repo and on sourceforge.

Friday, April 22, 2011

simplexbmcremote 0.9.0

this is my small Easter egg gift to all n900 owners - a new release for the simple xbmc remote.

new in this release are:
  • working alternate dim and lock mechanism
  • a new menu entry that opens the homepage in the default browser
  • a new key code sent when pressing the ESC button - hopefully this will make ESC work for more people, without breaking anything

Saturday, April 02, 2011

simplexbmcremote 0.8.4-1

finally managed to upload a new version of simplexbmcremote to extras-devel. the upload failed for 0.8.3 and 0.8.4 due to a missing build dependency. now that's fixed and you should be able to retrieve it via the extras-devel repo.

the code for the 0.8.4 from extras-devel is actually tagged with 0.8.4-1 in the git repo. the 0.8.4 tag was done before trying to upload the first time to extras-devel. i'll try to be more consistent next time and tag the git only after successfully uploading in extras-devel.