Thursday, September 29, 2011

killing me softly (aka tizen is announced)

my whole yesterday was ruined by the announcement that meego is dead and a new mobile platform, tizen, is to take it's place.

i'm still trying to grasp the reasons that determined intel to go mad, but, so far, i can't find much.

what we know so far is that the tools of choice for this platform will be html5/javascript. bye-bye 'simple xbmc remote', or, as other put it on irc, anything more than rss readers and fart apps.

apparently there will be some native sdk, but nobody knows yet what UI toolkit will be used, what development platforms will it run on (that is, will it run on gnu/linux?) and how much effort will you have to put into keeping your app up-to-date with the sdk if you choose to do a native app. some people on the #tizen irc channel speculate efl & co will be used, as samsung, intel's partner in this new platform, has a lot of vested expertise and time in these.

nomovok apparently will provide support for qt on tizen and, from their announcement, you would guess they already have a working tizen at their fingertips.

the funny thing is that nobody else knows what tizen will be. not publicly, at least.

my hopes of qt being a first class citizen in tizen are slim.

people on irc (the main source of info at this point) claim that qt is associated with nokia and due to elop's decisions, all ties with qt and nokia had to be cut off.

some even fear that nokia owns qt's copyright and can close its source. what a load of frak! once (l)gpl, always (l)gpl and you can always fork the latest free version, even if they (nokia or digia) decide to change the license. and if that happens, all i can foresee is they will end up with some product like openoffice or xfree86 - everybody else uses libreoffice and

others say that intel doesn't give a frak about the UI used and it simply wants a phone manufacturer on board: nokia used qt, so it was qt for meego, samsung uses efl, so it might be efl for tizen. funny thing is that both nokia and samsung produces arm phones, not intel ones...

so where does this leaves me?

i'll continue with qt until things become clearer. hopefully, i'll be covered for the next 2-3 years on the mobile front, with symbian phones, until elop pulls its plug completely.

and then we have the desktop. with kde using qt and qt being lgpl, i have a lot of confidence that qt will be here for years to come.

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