Tuesday, October 18, 2011

backlog - got married

this summer, me and cristina finally got married... not sure if i should put this on my linkedin profile, as job experience, even though it was quite a challenge to do everything in a little over 1 month :-)

After the civil ceremony
16 August 2011
After the wedding, at Popa Tatu Church
25 September 2011

Monday, October 17, 2011

quake report

i've discovered recently a very nice qt4 book: beginning nokia apps development - qt and html5 for symbian and meego.

quake report is loosely based on the things thought in the first half of that book, in the shake app.

like shake, it is a simple app that connects to usgs, downloads the xml with the latest quakes around the world and displays them, as a list or on a map.

so what's different then?

quake report:
  • uses the location service to display the map and the events on the map
  • the map can be zoomed in and out, using the +/- buttons, the mouse wheel (on desktop) or with a pinch gesture
  • the size and color of the event markers shows the size and age of the events
  • details of an event can be shown directly on the map, if desired

the code is on sourceforge and distributed under GPLv3.

quake report compiles and runs successfully on desktop (fedora), symbian and meego harmattan. unfortunately, the code is not compiling on maemo, due to missing map support. as it uses qt widgets, not qml, the apps compiles and runs on meego harmattan, but looks kind of out of place. due to all of these, the only binary that i provide is for symbian^3. you can download it from ovi or install it directly from your symbian phone, through the store application.

Map view.
The size of the marker is proportional with quake's magnitude.
The markers get darker the older the events is.

List View.
The events are order by their age,
with newest at the top.

Details view.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

the mer project

as expected, i'm not the only one nonplussed by the tizen. some people decided to reboot mer (from maemo reconstructed).

this project sounds more open than tizen: at least they plan to use open governance, not invite-only membership, as in tizen. as such, it should hopefully be less prone to big corps influence, too, so we will not have something similar happening next year, when intel, samsung or the linux foundation decides to launch yet another platform.

qt is here to stay

while hanging around on #mer, somebody pointed me to http://www.kde.org/community/whatiskde/kdefreeqtfoundation.php.

so if you were wondering what will happen if nokia changes the license of qt to some close license, rest assured: the last free version will be re-released as BSD or some other free license (i would still prefer, in such a case to actually be LGPL and GPLv3, as it is now).